Monday, 21 September 2009

A self confessed Sophist

When i first started doing this blog i said to being a self confessed sophist,though i am not untrustworthy nor deceitful to make life easy and straightforward i do question every aspect of a question before asking and thus knowing the answer before it being answered,sounds complicated?not really if you think quick.
Now every debate can be won if you philosophise with every word being told,how?by not complicating things and having good knowledge.
There are many twists and turns that can occur in many philosophies and just because you didn't go to university to study them doesn't make you any less can sit in any amounts of lectures and not learn a damn thing,,unless it is known that you can foresee that your teacher is going to wear the brown trouser on Tuesday because the Monday before he wore the black ones,i do believe it is a tuition an art of observation and the psychological link between any natural occurrence,IE communications and accumulation's of differences.
I don't believe in god because there is no proof just like being stopped by the police if you cant proof who you are they will never believe you"and in god we trust"bollocks prove it the only person i am going to trust is myself.
The hypocrisy in this world is astounding and the first place to start looking for it is in the person staring right back at you every time you stare at your self in the mirror,see that's where i stopped i don't lie anymore so i can stand tall and tell a liar i hate it because i do.People don't get me and fined me quite scary as the way i talk is complicated and to long winded but come on if you are going to have a conversation at least have a good one,let them argue the topic then set the whole damn thing shut with one big slap of a fact.Twitter being what i like is a bad way to idealise what you see and read in short sharp bursts of your reaction to the input,how can you?so what now?is that where the lol and lmao comes into the equation because most of the time when it is written it is because they have nothing else to say,but it is a good way of finding out what other people differ from your self and there are so many interesting people out there who want to have there say and find interests but in a different perspective as the interest that you have.But how do expand our philosophies we cant,my philosophy of the universe would tickle you and maybe for a laugh one day i will post it.

There is something i have noticed nobody seems to want to be bothered to comment on anything anymore!now if i sat and read an interesting blurb of any kind i would write some comment i might even comment on my own crap.Well that's enough bull turd from me,boredom sucks and when it comes to conversation my house isn't full of it,if you did read this thankyou and if you didn't you wont be reading this will they.